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  Monday, November 11th
09:00 a 10:00 ACCREDITATIONS
10:00 a 11:00

Welcome and Opening of the Seminar
Speech by Asociación Argentina de Carreteras representative, Eng. Guillermo Cabana
Speech by International Transport Forum representative (IRTAD),
Dr. Fred Wegman
Speech by the World Bank representative,
Dra. Tawia Addo-Ashong

• Video from Oscar de Buen, President of the World Road Association (AIPCR-PIARC), introduced by
Julio C. Ortiz Andino,
PIARC First Delegate in Argentina.
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Lic. Pedro Centeno, National Agency of Road Safety
Eng. Carlos Alonso, Sub Administrator National Roads Administration
11:00 a 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 a 12:15
Road safety in Latin American countries: current situation and main issues
• Lic. Pedro Centeno,National Agency of Road Safety
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12:15 a 12:30 Photo shooting of participants
12:30 a 14:00 Lunch
  Road Safety Management
14:00 a 15:30
Session 1

ISO 39001 Standard: A new tool for making progress in road safety management
• Matts-Åke Belin (PIARC C.T. 3.1 Member)
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Development of the Argentine Project of Safe System
• Dra. Verónica Raffo (World Bank)
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Moderator: Eng. Juan Rodríguez Perrotat (U.T.N.)
15:30 a 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00 a 18:00
Session 2: Development of a National Policy on Road Safety

Argentine, Lic. Juan Manuel García Blanco (ANSV)
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• Australia, Julian Lyngcoln (VicRoads, Australia)
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• Brasil, Eric Lancelot (World Bank)
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• Norway, Ranes Guro (Head of Section, Norwegian Public Roads Administration)
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• Southafrican, Randall Cable (South Africa National Roads)
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Moderator: Eng. Juan Rodríguez Perrotat (U.T.N.)

  Tuesday, November 12th
  Workshops and Conferences
9:00 a 10:45
Road Safety in Urban Areas and Land Use Planning
• Robert Ritter (US Dep of Transport)
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Advances in European Union plans and road safety programs
Matts-Åke Belin (Swedish Tran. Ag.)
10:45 a 11:15 Coffee Break
11:15 a 13:00
Workshop: Investment strategies to improve road safety
• Julian Lyngcoln (VicRoads)
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Workshop: Presentation of the Road Safety Manual of the PIARC
• Matts-Åke Belin (Swedish Tran. Ag.) - Randall Cable (South Africa National Roads)
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13:00 a 14:15 Lunch
  Special Conferences
14:00 a 16:00
Implementation of road safety national policies: problems and solutions

• Eng. René A. Verdejo Barraza
(Ministry of Public Works, Chile)
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• Laurence Carnis
(IFSTTAR – Francia)
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• Yoshitaka Motoda
(University of Iwate, Japan)
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Infrastructure in Argentina
• Eng. Juan Rodríguez Perrotat
(National University of Argentina)
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Moderator: Eng. Mario Leiderman (A.A.C)
16:00 a 16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 a 18:15 x
Round Table

• Challenges and the way forward to road safety

Moderator: Dra. Verónica Raffo (World Bank)
Panelists:Véronique Feypell (ITF/IRTAD), Matts-Åke Belin (PIARC); Eng. Mario Leiderman (AAC); Rune Elvik (AAlborg University
18:10 a 18:30 CLOSURE
• Conclusions, Dra. Tawia Addo-Ashong (World Bank)
• Acknowledgements on behalf of Argentina, Guillermo Cabana, Press Director of the Argentine Road Association


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